Did You Know Git May Be Exposing Sensitive Information About Your Site?

It’s true, the information from the file revisioning tool that developers rely on could be getting into the wrong hands.  Having your server set up correctly to block hidden files and directories is important.  Test your site, and see if you can go to http://<YourWebsite.com>/.git.  If you can, you’ve got a serious security issue you […]

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Solution for When WP Admin is Blank

You may have heard of the “white screen of death” with WordPress sites.  This article may help resolve that issue, especially if it’s a plugin causing the issue. I ran into the issue recently where I needed to update a client website and when I logged into wp-admin, the sidebar was there, but the content […]

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Upgrading Ubuntu Server 13.04

I ran into a circular issue – I needed a git feature, subtree, but the version of git I had didn’t have that feature.  In trying to update git with apt-get, I found that the packages on Ubuntu Server 13.04 aren’t kept up to date anymore. I did edit the sources list that fixes the […]

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Plastc Card

A few months ago, I read about Plastc card.  It’s a single credit card-sized device that’s purpose is to condense your wallet from all of the credit and gift cards you carry around, and more secure too.  I did some research on other similar products, but then the idea left my mind when the Holidays […]

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Using Divshot to Host Landing Pages

Excited to be guest posting on Divshot about using Divshot to host landing pages.  You can view my post in its entirety via the link below. https://divshot.com/blog/guest/using-divshot-for-landing-pages/