GoDaddy Doesn’t Care About Existing Customers

A lot of companies don’t care about existing customers for some reason – you hear it all the time, FREE X for new clients, half price for new clients, etc.  I understand that it’s a marketing strategy, but the strategy typically doesn’t follow up with some kind of existing client benefit.  I guess you could say when would all of the discounts end?  Fair question, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, although I think current clients should get some kind of Thank You.  Everyone who has taken some kind of business 101 course knows that it’s cheaper to keep a client happy than get new clients.  AT&T Uverse used to do a pretty good job at surprising us with discounts, gift cards, sending out thank you letters – although they haven’t in a while – I guess my wife and I are just happy as long as our rates don’t go up (but you know they will when our promotion expires).

Anyway, I ran into a situation yesterday with GoDaddy that was just so blatant that they don’t care about existing customers at all and I thought I’d share.  I went to go buy a domain for my friend and his wife who are getting married – I said I could put together a site to display photos from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that have a certain hashtag…and maybe integrate where professional photos could be uploaded.  That way on their Thank You notes to people, they could say thanks for being a part of our wedding, check out the photos at this site, etc.

As a guest, using coupon code CJCSIGLERC, which is supposed to be a 99 cent domain (for the first year), shows up perfectly.  It’s such a great deal, why not pay for a second year?

Registering on GoDaddy

Oops, what is that?  As soon as I sign in, that coupon doesn’t work as expected. Price Hike for Existing Customers

I get it, every business is trying to get more, new clients.  I just thought it was bogus how I’ve been using GoDaddy since 2001 – getting domains for all of my crazy website ideas – and they say well we know you’re a loyal customer, so we’ll make you pay more.

UPDATE 06/26/2015

GoDaddy promptly Tweeted back to me (I have WordPress auto-tweeting my new posts).  They brought up the point that I may have used a similar coupon in the past and that’s totally possible.  Anyway…