Cynical Ramblings of an Almost 30 Year Old

As I get older, I’m really noticing that I’m not as excited anymore.  What I mean is when I used to think of an idea, or talk with a friend about an idea, I’d get to thinking about it, programming it, etc, right away.  Ashley and I were talking about some really cool idea and I’m not saying I won’t ever work on it, but it’s a little sad that this good idea could just end up swept under the rug.  Ignorance is bliss in that when you think people care or that your idea is going to make money – it motivates you to keep going.  I’ve come to the realization that nobody cares, my ideas are nothing too special or life changing.  Facebook and Twitter, etc, themselves aren’t either – but it’s the connections they have that make the platforms appealing to the masses, then the ideas become life changing.

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get back to a more regular schedule.  It’s been about 5 years since I’ve had weekends or even weeknights free regularly.  When I worked full time, I was working on freelance and my own projects nights and weekends – starting NevTec took a lot of research and laying the ground work, this year has taken a lot of tolls on us with crazy life events.  For the past couple of months of 2015, I’ve kept work for M-F, 9-6.  It’s really very nice!  Life events, putting ourselves in other’s situations (like what would we do in their situation), advice from those who are older than us – we’ve really figured that spending time with each other and loved ones means a lot more than a lot of other things in life.  Though, it would be really exciting for someone to notice our abilities and for us to strike it rich.

I’m sure you’ve met someone that specializes in a field and doesn’t seem to do that particular task for themselves – like a home construction guy who lives in a messy little home, or even like I’m starting to become – a programmer who puts their ideas to the side.  I’ve never understood these 2 types of people in particular, but now I’m kind of understanding.  It’s part of getting older – you just start to realize that life is more important – and in my case, everyone thinks their idea is the next Facebook or whatever – and it’s not.

Notice how I worded that?  How that someone’s idea isn’t the next “Facebook”?  What does that mean?  Facebook isn’t really anything special, it’s a place where people can post text, images, and share links.  It’s nothing crazy – however, it’s what they do with the idea to make it professional and appealing to the MASSES.  Also, the connections of those who started the idea.

It really seems to come down to connections.  I have some great ideas, amazing abilities, but I’ll never be anything successful because I don’t have any connections nor am I the type to kiss butt.  I’m a nose-down, get the work done kind of guy, and that’s where I know the problem is.  But I didn’t crack to that behavior in high school (which I hated), and I thought that childish behavior was in our past.  The more I see how things work in the real world, it’s the same situation for adults.  It’s who you know, the connections you have, the favors you make.  It should be easier to stand out without that silly back and forth.

I’ve been really disappointed with the failure of my ideas, the (lack of) caring of some people over our loss of my and my wife’s job, the hardships with starting NevTec, and going through our house flood, and losing a close pet that came up unexpectedly.  We try so hard to maintain and stay out of the way of people, not wasting people’s time, and respecting them.  We have lost the close friendships we once had, obviously, real friends would say something, send a card, show they cared somehow.  I don’t even think anyone would notice us for days if something happened to us, like we got in a car accident.

Getting older is difficult.  I’m sad about losing my excitement.  Ignorance really is bliss, and it was nice to think that people cared, or that I had the next big idea.