Just to Make a Quick Buck

Learning new things can be fun, but it’s really annoying that when you’ve got things figured out and you’re starting to get some consistency, something changes and you have to start all over again.  So many businesses these days open, and if they don’t make a ton of money really quickly, they close.

Same with TV shows – a pilot series will show a few episodes and cancel if not enough people watched.  It’s silly, because it’s hard to know why – maybe it’s a bad time of year, maybe people are working during the airing hours, whatever.  And sometimes that makes you wonder how some other show stays on the air for many seasons and it’s just a junk show.

Anyway…a while back, I started using a site called Cake Financial – it was like a social financial portfolio.  You could see what others were investing in and see their returns, and it helped me do research with actual results versus just hearing the media.  They closed.

Divshot, a neat web development tool to quickly create multiple environments, and that I wrote a blog post for, closed.

MoneyStream, a tool that I’ve used to keep me on track with when bills are due, just announced last night that they will be closing.

People are in business just to make a quick buck.  And it’s too bad.  There are so many great products out there that just need a little refinement, a bigger following, or something minute.