Plastc Card

A few months ago, I read about Plastc card.  It’s a single credit card-sized device that’s purpose is to condense your wallet from all of the credit and gift cards you carry around, and more secure too.  I did some research on other similar products, but then the idea left my mind when the Holidays came around.

The idea of Plastc card is similar to Apple Pay in that you can load up the credit cards and gift cards onto it, using one device.  The thing that I like better about this is you use it like a regular credit card, and you don’t need your phone after you’ve loaded it up.  That means Plastc card can be used in regular credit card machines and RFID (swipe to pay) credit card machines, whereas Apple Pay is limited, and can only be used on the swipe to pay machines – and possibly only those who accept Apple Pay in particular, although I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure.

I like how Plastc card can be programmed with your work RFID badge.  I don’t need that anymore since I now own my own business, however, I should create a fun Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Udoo project that would make an RFID-based lock on my office.  If I do, I’ll post that project on my blog!

I started thinking about Plastc card again and read into it even more.  Even though the idea of storing all of your credit and gift cards on one device sounds insecure, they’ve thought about that and included lots of security features – such as having to enter your pin before using the card, proximity alerts (when your Plastc card gets a certain distance away from your phone, your phone alerts you), and if you happened to lose your Plastc card, you can completely wipe it from your iPhone or iPad.

I did research on the similar products again, and they really just don’t have the features or have as clean of a look as Plastc card.  And even though I haven’t used it yet, I feel like this company is going to be around, so this product won’t be a “one hit wonder” per se.

I literally just put in my pre-order and they are going to start shipping them this Summer (2015).  Once I get, I’ll write another blog post about my experience with it!

Check out Plastc card, watch their video, read over the site, and maybe you’ll be as excited as I am!