Academy of Financial Trading (AcademyFT) Voucher Code

Have you ever wanted to learn more about trading stocks?  I was always interested and my amazing wife knew that.  She got me a 10-part course at, where I’ve been able to attend live webinars and learn more than the typical “Retail Trader”, which is a term (that I’ve just learned) which means an average trader – whether it be stocks, commodities, forex, bonds, etc.  I’ve learned quite a bit and I’m excited to take the techniques I’ve learned and try them out with demo accounts – where you can trade with pretend money, based on the real stock market prices, to practice your technique (and not lose any real money!).  Once I get better, I hope to be able to bring in some extra money for our household.  What’s really cool is, if you do it right, you can make money whether the market is winning OR losing. provided me with a voucher code that is good for 3 uses and expires 6/31/2015.  I don’t get anything from this, but I figured I’d throw this code out there for anyone who might be interested, and who can use it before it expires! Have fun! Financial Trading Course Voucher