Trip to the Carolina Tiger Rescue

Trip to the Carolina Tiger Rescue
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Our friends Nick and Kristin introduced us to checking out the Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC, about 45 minutes from Raleigh.  I thought it was going to be cool, but it was more fun than I expected.

The rescue is mainly driven by volunteers and you could tell they really care about the animals they take in.  Before we went out, Ashley and I took the optional quiz – the answers were provided during the tour.

We spent a few minutes by each animal, where we were told about it’s history and how they came to take them in.   It seems crazy to me that it’s easy in most states to buy a tiger, for example, and I get the appeal of owning one, but as the tour guide explained, they are expensive and have instincts that make them a very dangerous pet, even the smaller animals.  It can also be very difficult to keep them healthy, because if they were to get sick, you can’t call a traditional veterinarian.

Ashley and I will just stick to our 3 house cats, one of them who looks like a mini tiger.

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