Retrofitting Your Kitchen for Soft Close Cabinets

Installing soft close on cabinets is much easier than drawers – and less thought beforehand too.  There are hinges with built in soft close – though they are a little more expensive.  We installed these Blumotion Soft Close Adapter for Cabinets in our kitchen, as well as our bathroom vanities.  Our kitchens have a traditional hinge and a square set up.  Our vanities have a different type of door attachment and hinge.  You can replace these type of hinges, Compact Soft Close Overlay Hinge, with these that have soft close built in (also by Blumotion), but they are more expensive.  The Blumotion Soft Close Adapter works in either scenario!

There are just a few steps to get soft close cabinets.  Attach the spacer so that the adjustment knob is still accessible, depending on the side of the cabinet you’re installing it on.  Then just screw it into the cabinet.  That’s it!

For just a few dollars a piece, and about a 30 second installation, there’s no reason not to do it.