Retrofitting Your Kitchen for Soft Close

Every year, Ashley and I go to houses listed in the Parade of Homes in Raleigh and areas surrounding us.  It’s a great way to get ideas of features to add to our current home, colors of counter tops, floors, or walls, or lights, or get ideas for things we want in our next house or dream house (if we ever made it big =) ).  One thing we’re going to do soon is put in a sliding barn door on our downstairs half bathroom.  I’ll create a blog post when we do that.

Kitchens are a huge selling point and a lot of the newer or premium houses have soft close cabinets and drawers.  New cabinets are expensive, but you can get this feature for your own kitchen or bathroom, or really any cabinet or drawer, for pennies!  Ashley and I took on this project and it took maybe 3 hours to do the whole kitchen and our 2 upstairs bathroom vanities.

For more information on retrofitting your kitchen for Soft Close: