We’re Moving Back When? Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 to this story, check it out to see how Ashley and I got in this situation of our house being gutted. Just a note: some of this post might seem a little all over the place, but I want to make sure we can look back on all the […]

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We’re Moving Back When?

Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood Nevis - Christmas 2014 Flood

Although I’m just talking about this for the first time now in the Spring of 2015, this story starts at Christmastime 2014.  I wanted to write details of the many parties involved after they were put to the test.  Without much indication of what I’m talking about, at this point you might be confused.  By the […]

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Plastc Card

A few months ago, I read about Plastc card.  It’s a single credit card-sized device that’s purpose is to condense your wallet from all of the credit and gift cards you carry around, and more secure too.  I did some research on other similar products, but then the idea left my mind when the Holidays […]

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Using Divshot to Host Landing Pages

Excited to be guest posting on Divshot about using Divshot to host landing pages.  You can view my post in its entirety via the link below. https://divshot.com/blog/guest/using-divshot-for-landing-pages/

Grand Prix GXP Inferno Ram Air Hood from PFYC

Most people don’t get that into cars or even pay attention to the little details, but I’ve always found having a clean car refreshing.  You can see any car from the dealership multiple times in the same parking lot, maybe even the same color, that’s why making a car ‘mine’, being able to point out your […]

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